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Dice Tracker Pro


The NEW way to track, analyze, and save your dice roll sessions!

"Dice influence" or "dice control" is a skill that that requires practice and lots of data. We have the data portion covered! Improve your game by viewing advanced roll data and make quick adjustments. Export your session to a .csv spreadsheet file or come back anytime to pick up where you left off. Download Today FREE!

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Key Features

Version 1.12.21

• Quick and easy set up. Very intuitive!

• Enter and log your dice roll sessions.

• View advanced roll data such as popular bets, number hits, and dice axis data!

• Preset dice sets makes changing sets very easy!

• Export your session and upload to your favorite spreadsheet software to view later. 

• Pick up where you left off and continue your sessions.

• Free 3 day trial for PRO version!

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